Sun Disk Pendant Necklace

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In the vast canvas of the daytime sky, the mighty sun reigns supreme, radiating its brilliant light and warmth upon the Earth. With its fiery presence, it illuminates the world, casting away darkness and filling our lives with energy and vitality. The sun, a celestial giant, holds within it the power to nurture and sustain life, giving birth to new beginnings each day. Its golden rays dance upon the landscapes, painting vibrant hues across the horizon, awakening the world from slumber. The sun symbolises strength, resilience, and the promise of a new dawn. It serves as a constant reminder that even amidst the challenges and shadows we may face, the sun will always rise again, bringing with it the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


  • Chain Length 40cm + 5cm adjustable/extension chain
  • Cuban chain with ball detail
  • PVD 18k gold plated stainless steel 
  • Pendant size 18mm x 18mm
  • Double sided pendant 

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